The tide is turning, for the first time since abortion has been legalized, there are more people that consider themselves to be pro-life than not. More people are seeing the fact that science proves life begins at conception and that the life inside a mother has the same rights as every other person.

In this tumultuous time where the very fabric of our liberty is being challenged, we must come forward and stand up with a positive message of support and love to families facing unexpected pregnancies. They need to know we love them and that we are there for them. They need to know that while abortion may be legal, it is not their ‘only’ choice.

LittleOneWe are asking you to join our Pro-life is Pro-love Campaign. This campaign was inspired by the love in the heart of the pro-life community and we hope it will grow into a positive force for good. We firmly believe that God gave us free will to make decisions and each family has the right to choose how to handle their unexpected pregnancy. However, we are committed to making sure they know the truth about all of the options.

There is no easy choice. Once a woman is pregnant, there are serious consequences and repercussions that go along with each decision. They have to understand that before they make their choice. We will not forcibly stop anyone from choosing abortion, but we can educate them on the serious consequences that most times are not told to them. We can love them no matter what they ultimately choose, because we cannot presume to know what God has planned for them.

We are all on a journey and we all fall down along the way, but what makes the Pro-Life community special is that we pick each other up, love one another and help each other heal. We are examples of God’s love to the families that we help. This campaign removes the politics from the equation by focusing on helping families.

Please get involved.  Become active at our Center spreading the Pro-Love message.  Email for more information on how you can get involved in this awesome mission.