We are on the front lines of some serious spiritual warfare and the sad part is most of the army is asleep.  We see the things happening around the world and we all say: “Wow, that is horrible.  Someone should do something” and then we get wrapped up in the daily grind and go about our business.  It is human nature and I personally struggle with it every day, knowing that I am not doing enough, but wondering what I can do to help.  My heart breaks for the Christians in the Middle East, for the soldiers fighting wars in foreign lands, for people in my own community that are silently suffering, but my breaking heart isn’t doing those people any good.  I need a call to action and maybe you do to.

One thing we can all do is we need to start waking up and waking up the soldiers around us.  The pro-life movement is not some ethereal thing, it is a real battle and we are fighting for the lives of innocent children and the lives of the families every day.  We are losing 38 babies every day in the Greater Orlando area and where is the outcry!  What we do is not glamorous, it certainly does not make you popular and well-liked, but the benefits are amazing. It is time to get educated and start speaking up. Learn the truth about the abortion industry, learn why ‘birth control’ is an oxymoron and has destroyed the lives of so many people, start challenging people when they talk about unhealthy sexual relationships.  We are disorganized and half-hearted, but I know that the other side is neither.  They are committed to making money off of these women in crisis and continuing this cycle of abortion under the guise of ‘women’s health.’

Here is another thing you can do, get involved.  There are many ways to get involved, prayer is great and necessary, but we need infantry soldiers on the ground.  We need volunteers in the centers ministering to these families, but we also need people to help in other areas, like fundraising, marketing, community relations.  We need people to stand in front of abortion clinics and let women know that someone loves them and that they have options.  We need donations (both monetary and material) to help the families we serve.  The need is growing quickly and so is our need for your help.

Last week, I was in the waiting area of our office and I was talking to a Mom that had 3 children.  She was telling us all the story about how she was lost and considering abortion for her 3rd child two years ago when she came to JMJ.  She said she was in an abusive relationship and felt hopeless, but she chose life for her son because of one of our advisors.  She didn’t remember her name, but she wanted to thank the woman that took the time to sit with her, cry with her, share her own personal tragedy and subsequent redemption.  Our client said that conversation changed her life.  Is there anything more beautiful?  She told us she has been working for the last 2 years on changing her life starting with getting out of that relationship, standing up on her own and learning patience and love.  

We saved the life of that adorable little boy in that waiting room, playing with his trucks, but we also saved Mom and the siblings from a life that was full of misery and pain.  This Mom admits she has come a long way, but has a long way to go.  But then don’t we all.  Wake up, wake up those around you.  Get involved and if you don’t know where to start, make a donation and then email me at kstewart@JMJLifeCenter.org, you will save a life and maybe find purpose in your own.