Do you want to plan a fun event to get a group excited about helping babies, host a baby shower for JMJ!imageIt can be as big or as small as you want, there are no rules.

  1. Pick a location
  2. Set a date and time
  3. Create and send out invitations (this can be printed, email, social media invites. Be sure to include who, what, when, where and why your are hosting the shower.) Please include a link to our registry, so people know what we are most in need of. Also, make sure to send us an invitation, so we know about it.
  4. Plan activities and decorations (the internet is full of baby shower activities and decorations many you can do very cheap or free, so get creative!)
  5. Host shower and have fun!
  6. Make an appointment to bring shower items in to JMJ by calling our office 407-839-0620. We will provide a letter of thanks to your organization and we will pass along your generous gifts to the families that need them.