Most times, when people talk about the harm abortion causes, they talk in terms of the women and babies that are hurt. This is certainly true, but men suffer greatly as well. Last week I was outside Planned Parenthood silently praying when a young man approach one of the other prayer warriors. I went over to make sure she was safe and I noticed the look on this man’s face was one of deep sadness. I asked if he was OK.

He began to tell us both how he does not believe in abortion. He told us that has a one year old son and he loves his son. We had seen him go into the PP clinic 15 minutes prior with a cluster of women, so we asked him if one of them was there for an abortion. He said one of them was and eventually we realized that he was the father of the baby. Over a period of 20 minutes, we talked to this young man about life and love and children. He told us how he had tried to talk the mother out of it, even offering to raise the child on his own.

It broke my heart to see this young man’s heart being torn apart. He felt helpless and he was grieving for the child he already loved and would probably never meet. We asked him if he could go in and have the mother come out and talk to us. I told him that there are options and that they could both come to our Pregnancy Center and talk about the options. He said he had tried talking her out of it, but she did not want to have a baby if she could not dress it in designer clothes and she couldn’t afford to do that, so she wanted to have an abortion. He had told her that babies don’t care about what they wear all they care about is that someone loves them. I felt physical pain in my heart, what an amazing young man.

Finally, I sensed his despair was taking over and I asked him “if your son was in a burning building and about to die, would you go into that building and risk your life to save him?” He immediately answered yes. Then I told him “that building is burning down and your child is in there about to die. What are you willing to do to get them out?” We then challenged him to go in there and say anything he could to the mother to get her out. We told him, this is your only chance to save your child and you have to do whatever it takes. He seemed re-energized and went back in the building, but came out about an hour later with a look of despair.

He came down to us again, “she doesn’t care…” So we sat with him, telling him that he did the right thing and that it was OK to grieve and that he should seek out the counsel of a Pastor at Church or trusted friend. I had to leave, my scheduled prayer time had extended over several hours. After I left one of the other prayer warriors managed to contact me and let me know that an hour later, the Abortion Doctor showed up and after hearing about the procedure, the Mom walked out of the clinic saying “Hell no.” Unfortunately, after a call from her mother, she was back in the building.

It was an emotional roller coaster that day. Later we heard from another prayer warrior that this Dad and the young lady walked out of the building a couple hours later and they were both smiling. There friend that was driving seemed annoyed. We had many people praying and I hope that this young couple ended up choosing life. I suppose I will never know, but the impact that this young had on me and watching him deal with pain, sadness and grief over an abortion is something I will never forget.