I hear this message over and over from people “the Pro-Life movement has a very negative vibe.”  Most people that consider themselves to be Pro-Life spend much of their time talking about death and despair.  It can be very draining to spend our existence in that dark place.

Let me be very clear, I am not suggesting that we stop educating people on these issues.  I believe they must be made aware of the Culture of Death in our society.  However, we ALSO need to celebrate the positivity.  We need to engage people in the saving of lives.  We need to get people excited about how we can change the perspectives of families that find themselves in a place where they see death as their only option.  We need to be supportive of places that have programs that provide other options.  It is much easier to get people involved in a positive movement.  Instead of being part of the Culture of Death, we are promoting the Pro-Love Culture. 

So what is the Pro-Love Culture?  Here is how we have defined it. The Pro-Love culture has the following Core Values:

  • Love
  • Truth
  • Innovation
  • Passion for Life
  • Personal Growth

It encompasses the following Principals:

  • We will share Love with everyone we interact with.
  • We will respect all life from the moment of conception to natural death.
  • We will be life-giving in all aspects of our daily lives.
  • We will be mindful of that what we say and do will be for the betterment of the people we interact with.
  • We will empower families to make life-affirming choices and help them see light in the face of darkness.
  • We are on the journey to strive to be the pure in mind, spirit and intention.
  • We will change the face of the Pro-Life movement by being Pro-Love.

This movement has many aspects and we need your help.  If this resonates with you in some way, please get involved.  Sign-up for our newsletter, join our Facebook page, donate time, talent and treasure (we need them all), find out how you can volunteer.  May everything you do be driven by LOVE!